Hemoglobin (Hb) loss and tachycardia in patients with or without transient or persistent cardiac troponin isoform I (cTnI) elevations

ParametercTnI− (n = 51)cTnI+ (n = 16)P (cTnI− vs. cTnI+)
Hb (g/dl):
T013.0 (11.8–13.9)13.3 (12.4–14.7)0.255
T111.6 (10.5–12.3)10.4 (9.80–11.8)0.080
P (T0 – T1)<0.00010.001
Heart rate (bpm):
T076 (70–81)76 (69–82)0.994
T185 (75–89)87 (79–100)0.168
P (T0 – T1)<0.01<0.01
  • cTnI− or cTnI+ denotes the absence or presence of cTnI elevations. Data were analyzed by two-tailed Mann-Whitney test or Wilcoxon matched-paired t test as appropriate. Hb, hemoglobin.