Demographic and laboratory data of normal and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients

S1: Portal area fibrosis expanded and confined in the hepatic sinus and lobule (5); S2: fibrosis around portal area, fibrous septa form, lobule structure maintained (15); S3: fibrous septums and lobule structure disorder, without cirrhosis (23); S4: early stage cirrhosis (45).

NormalHCCP Valuea
Age (yr)
 Average ± S.D.49 ± 1153 ± 11
Alcohol intake<0.01
Body mass index (BMI)b23.7 ± 3.424.2 ± 3.0
DiagnosisLiver hemangioma, metastatic carcinoma, cholelithiasis, gallbladder cancerHCC
Pathology classificationNormalS1, S2, S3, S4.
  • a Gender, age, smoking status, and drinking habit had no significant effect on ADH, ADHI, ADHII, and ALDH activities (P > 0.05).

  • b Data of both height and weight of 44 patients in controls and 59 patients in HCC group were obtained and the BMI calculated.