Effects of catalase genotype and EtOH on cortical bone parameters in female mice

pQCT analysis of cortical bone from chow-fed, PF, and EtOH-fed WT mice and chow-fed, PF, and EtOH-fed TgCAT mice (n = 5/group). Data are expressed as the mean with S.E.M. in parentheses. Statistical significance was determined by two-way analysis of variance followed by Student-Newman-Keuls post hoc analysis.

BMD (mg/cm3)873.31 (5.73)a863.31 (5.84)a815.58 (6.99)b874.22 (5.73)a876.84 (5.84)a858.05 (6.99)c
BMC (mg)0.78 (0.02)a0.77 (0.02)a0.65 (0.02)b0.76 (0.02)a0.79 (0.02)a0.72 (0.02)c
Total area (mm2)0.903 (0.02)a0.898 (0.02)a0.802 (0.02)b0.871 (0.02)a0.904 (0.02)a0.848 (0.02)b
Thickness (mm)0.279 (0.00)a0.276 (0.02)a0.253 (0.00)b0.284 (0.02)a0.285 (0.02)a0.269 (0.02)c
  • BMC, bone mineral content.

  • Values with different letter subscripts are statistically different from each other (P < 0.05). a>b; a>c; b<c.