Genotypic features of the glioma cell lines used in this study

IC50 concentrations for CDK inhibitors at 72 hours of treatment as determined by MTS assay.

Cell LineGenotypic FeaturesCDK Inhibitors, IC50 (ยตM)
TP53PTENP14 ARFDinaRiboPalboAZD5438AMG925
1U87Homo, WT/WTDelDel0.024>20>2011.684.99
2LNZ308Hetero, del/translocatedDelWT0.034>20>202.495.86
3A172Hetero, WT/WTDelDel0.020>20>102.937.87
4U373Homo, Mut273MuWT0.021>20>202.597.99
5LN229Hetero, WT/Mut164WTDel0.041NTNTNTNT
6LN18Hetero, WT/Mut238WTDel0.022>2014.082.255.73
7T98GHomo, Mut237MutDel0.514>20>2014.3612.33
  • Del, deleted; Dina, dinaciclib; Hetero, heterozygous; Homo, homozygous; Mut, mutant; NT, not tested; Pablo, palbociclib; Ribo, ribociclib; WT, wild-type.